Waste Collection Referendum Information Center

The letter was sent to the unincorporated residents to advise them that an item will be on the ballot.  Since a June election is an unusual election time, we wanted to be as transparent as possible and inform you of the upcoming question that will be on the ballot, and to get feedback regarding the services that are important to our residents. This is unlike the electric aggregation program that the residents did not have a vote and have to opt out each year.

The referendum is being offered as an opportunity for the residents to advise us IF they would like us to negotiate with the various waste carriers for a consolidated collection.  The letter does not mean we are moving forward. Until we receive your response at the ballot box, we can not proceed.  We are unable to move forward until we have the authority of the residents. 

This only applies to the unincorporated residents of Hampshire. Not people living within the Village limits and not Burlington or Pingree residents with a Hampshire mailing address.  If you still are unsure if it applies to you, look at your tax bill. If you pay taxes to Hampshire Township and NOT the Village of Hampshire, then you are an unincorporated resident of the Hampshire Township. If you pay taxes to both the Village and the Township, you are a resident of the Township, but in the incorporated area of the Village and this would not apply to you.  If you do not pay taxes to Hampshire Township at all, then this does not apply to you.  If you need assistance locating your tax bill please give us a call, we can help.

Not being able to opt-out of the program.  Unfortunately, the way the Township would negotiate the best rates would be for the selected bidder be given all the residential parcels in the area.   Vendors will not bid and agree to a competitive contract if other vendors are allowed to come in and offer other pricing when they are locked into a contract.   The unincorporated portion of the Township has over 500 homes.

In regards to the dumpster option. That particular FAQ was intended for the farmers and businesses that are within the Township.  Because many of them already have dumpsters, it would not affect them as that is a commercial service.  They will have the right to contract whomever for their waste collection.   It was not intended as an option for residents that live within a sub-division.

In regards to the damage to the roads.  The issue is not that there are a bunch of trucks on the roads, but a bunch of trucks doing the same task.  Garbage trucks are heavy, they drive on the edge of the road and stop and start a lot.  This causes increased damage to the weakest part of the road.   The Road District has 29.5 miles of road and can afford between $200,000 - $300,000 a year in repairs and paving.  In the past it would cost approximately $150,000 to repave a 1 mile stretch of road.  That means that each road needs to last a minimum of 12 years.  This may not be as important to you if you live on a County or State Rd, but if you live on a Township Road or Sub-division, this is something of more importance.

Fed-Ex, Amazon, UPS trucks are much lighter and do not have the stop and go frequency of the garbage trucks.  Often times they are stopping in the driveways vs. the road, which becomes a maintenance fee of the user and not the general population. 

Getting information before the election.  While many of you are used to voting for a referendum wherein an additional service is being added and a new tax is created.  This is not the same, we are not asking for permission to increase your taxes.  We are simply asking if you want us to negotiate on your behalf.  Once the election is completed then we can ask vendors to provide us with bids.   Based on the input we have already received, we are currently developing the RFP, (Requests for Proposals) which will outline the services the vendors should include in their bid.  We plan to have that completed BEFORE the election, so the residents can determine if the services would be a good choice for them, and decide how they will vote.  We will provide a link on our webpage once it is finalized.

Costs.  Currently everyone negotiates their own collection rate.  I have heard anywhere from $33 - $16 a month for collection.  I have heard some people can put out whatever they want, and others have to pay for large items, and yard waste.  There are many current agreements and prices within the community.  We will not be able to get an actual quote until we have the authority from the residents.  However, in looking at other communities that have negotiated, in most cases they are seeing a 15% - 20% decrease in their costs.  The Senior rate will likely be the one with the smallest reduction as those rates are already very competitive. The important thing to remember is that while you may not see significant cost savings now, working together will protect residents from future increases during the term of the contact. 

Concerns that we are actually reducing competition by only having 1 vendor service the area. The issue is with the consolidation of the landfills.  As the landfills become monopolized, then the carriers without landfills will be forced to set their prices higher than the companies with the landfills. In time, that will reduce the number of competitors out there.  That is why the Township is trying to get ahead of the issue now.  

Waste Collection. Waste collection will continue to be weekly.  It is our desire to incorporate recycling collection weekly. 

In response to concerns regarding internet,  the Township does not have the authority or ability to control or enhance internet service.


Section 1 – Requests for Proposals

Request for Proposals

Hampshire Township, Kane County, Illinois, (hereinafter referred to as “Township”) is seeking proposals for a township solid waste and recycling collection and disposal service program within the unincorporated portions of the Township with an initial term from January 1, 2023 through December 31, 2025.  This Request for Proposal (“RFP”) document describes in detail the Township’s objectives and criteria for the establishment of the solid waste collection and disposal service program, as well as the anticipated review and selection process.  

The company (hereinafter referred to as “Contractor”) providing a proposal for such services shall submit a sealed proposal in accordance with the specifications of this RFP document. 

Contract Document

It is the express intent of the Township that all specifications as outlined in this RFP, including any addenda items which are issued, shall be incorporated as part of the written and signed contract with the successful Contractor.  

Alternate Proposals

The Township is ideally seeking proposals laid out herein.  Alternate proposals will be considered if they benefit services overall.  

Contents of Proposals

Provide an executive summary of a company which includes the company’s name, address, phone/fax numbers and website address as well as a description of the company’s experience including relevant experience serving municipalities.

Provide contact information for the person submitting the company’s proposal, including name, title, phone/fax numbers, mailing address and email address.

Provide a list of municipalities where the company currently holds an exclusive franchise contract to provide refuse, recycling, yard waste, electronic waste and disaster debris removal services in the Chicago/Rockford area within the past five years.

Provide a list of at least three (3) references from municipalities the company currently provides refuse, recycling, yard waste, electronic waste and disaster debris removal.

Provide a description of how the company will implement and provide services as outlined in the RFP, including the company’s qualifications.

Provide a breakdown of the number of garbage, recycling and yard waste trucks proposed to be utilized in the collection program on a daily basis.

Describe the company’s proposed fee for providing services as provided in this RFP by completing Exhibit A, including a senior discount, and yard waste optional collection proposal if any.

A map showing how the Township would be divided and the days of collection service for each divided section of the Township should the Contractor propose a two-day collection.

Provide information of where the company will dispose of waste collected and contract term of landfill if not privately owned by the company.

Proposal Deadline 

Sealed proposals must be received at the Hampshire Township Administration Building, 170 Mill Ave., Hampshire, IL 60140 by 7 PM, Tuesday  August 9th, 2022.  Proposals received after the deadline will not be accepted.  Sealed envelopes should be clearly labeled “Proposal for Township Solid Waste and Recycling Collection Services” and shall include the Contractor’s name.  One (1) original and five (5) copies of the proposal must be delivered to the Township.

Any questions concerning this RFP will be directed to Jody Remakel, Supervisor 847-683-9464 or Supervisor@HampshireTownship.org with a subject line Waste Proposal, and not to any other person at the Township.  The Township will determine whether any addenda should be issued as a result of any questions raised or other matters raised.  

 Basis of Selection

The Township will evaluate proposals, and if a Contractor is selected, the Contractor will be selected on the basis of:

The Contractor’s plan to provide the Township with the services as specified in this RFP.

The Contractor’s experience in providing services similar to those described in this RFP.

The Contractor’s references from municipalities where the Contractor currently holds or held an exclusive franchise contract for services similar to those described in this RFP within the last five years.

The Contractor’s financial proposal as specified in Exhibit A.

Any other factors relevant to the Contractor’s capacity and willingness to satisfy the Township.

The Township has the right to waive technicalities, modify, and reject any or all proposals.

 Withdrawal of Proposals

A written request for the withdrawal of a proposal may be granted if the request is received by the Township Clerk prior to the specified time of opening.  After the opening, the Contractor cannot withdraw or cancel its proposal.

Competency of Contractors

The opening and reading of proposals shall not be construed as acceptance by the Township.  The Township reserves the right to determine the competence, as well as the financial and operational capacity of any Contractor.  Upon request of the Township, the Contractor shall furnish evidence as may be required by the Township to evaluate its ability and resources to accomplish the services required by the specifications herein.

Service Implementation

All aspects of the collection services selected by the Township must be implemented within 5 months of letting of the contract or by January 1, 2023.

Contract Document

It is the express intent of the Township that all specifications as outlined in this Request for Proposal Document (RFP), including any addenda items which are issued, shall be incorporated as part of the written and signed contract with the successful Contractor. 

SECTION 2 – Project Overview

General Description of Services

The Township has approximately 8000 residents located in Kane County, Illinois.  The Township is seeking one qualified and responsible Contractor to provide refuse and recycling collection services within the unincorporated portions of the Township.  The Contractor shall provide these collections one time per week to all single-family residence, townhouses, and duplexes (each a “Unit”) that currently receive curbside refuse and recycling waste collection, (approximately 570 units).  Multi-family properties serviced by centralized dumpsters, commercial, industrial, institutional, and agricultural properties are exclude from this franchise contract.

Exclusive Contract

It is the intent of the Township to award the Contractor the sole exclusive franchise contract and privilege to collect refuse and recycling waste from all Units within the Township. 

Initial term of Franchise Contract

The initial term of the franchise contract shall be for Three (3) years commencing on January 1, 2023 and ending on December 31, 2025.   Contractor may provide pricing for the 2 additional years following the completion of the initial term of contract. 

Renewal Term of Franchise Contract

Not later than six (6) months prior to the end of the initial contract term, the Contractor may submit a proposal for a (2) year contract extension.  It shall be the right of the Township to determine whether or not to proceed with the process to negotiate a Two (2) year contract extension.  Should the Township and Contractor pursue, but fail to agree on mutual acceptable terms for a two (2) year contract extension, the Township shall be free to solicit bids or proposals from other contractors for a new exclusive franchise contract and the Contractor shall be free to bid for such contract or submit its proposal, as the case may be.  

Weekly Collection

Any one (1) day collection proposal must include which day service would be conducted.

Though the Township prefers collection on (1) day, proposals for a two (2) day collection program will be considered. Any two (2) day collection proposal must include which day(s) service would be conducted and a plan for how the Township would be divided.  For a two (2) day proposal, each divided section of the Township must still receive refuse and recycling waste collection on the same day.  

Price Changes

The cost of refuse, recycling and yard waste collection shall be amended annually in accordance with the Contractor’s proposal of rates in Exhibit A.  The price changes will be effective on the anniversary date of the contract of each year of the franchise contract. 

Collection of Charges

Unless otherwise proposed in the RFP all charges for services shall be collected by the contractor directly from the customers.

 Fuel Surcharge

    Contract price must be inclusive of all costs and a fuel surcharge is not allowed. 

SECTION 3 – Scope of Work

Program Design

Refuse and recycling collection for all Units shall be conducted year-round.  An optional seasonal yard waste collection program must be made available to those residents that elect it as an additional charge. 

The contract shall not include multi-family properties serviced by centralized dumpsters, commercial, industrial, agricultural, or institutional properties.

Refuse and recycling shall be collected on one (1) or two (2) days per week.

Days of Collection

The Contractor shall provide a minimum once a week, refuse and recyclable collection service to all Units and all Township owned properties.  In no case shall any area or residence receive less than once a week collection.  The Contractor shall designate days(s) the program will take place and include a diagram of how the Township would be divided for any proposed two (2) day pick up program.  Any boundary line streets shall have both sides of the street, or subdivisions shall have the entire subdivision collected on the same day.

Hours of Collection

The Contractor shall not commence work before 7am and shall cease collection by 6pm.  The Contractor shall furnish a sufficient number of vehicles and personnel to accomplish the work within the specified time period, regardless of adverse conditions, mechanical breakdowns, or other similar hindrances.  The Contractor’s employees shall provide collection services to Township residents with as little noise, disturbance and disruption as possible.

Point of Collection

Refuse, recyclable materials, and yard waste materials shall be collected from receptacles placed at the curb (or edge of pavement where there is no curb) of the public street in front of the Unit to be served.

In the event that it is not practical for refuse and recycling waste material to be collected directly from the curb/edge of pavement at a property or in a specific development, the Contractor shall work with the residents on a resolution and notify the Township of the outcome.

Examination of the Service Area

It is the responsibility of the Contractor to be completely informed of all conditions under which service is to be performed, the service area, and all other relevant matters pertaining to the collection services as specified herein, including, but not limited to, type of housing, population density, roads, traffic patterns, required collection procedure, labor requirements, and any other factors which would affect the execution and/or completion of the worked covered by this RFP.


The Contractor shall not be required to provide refuse, yard waste, or recyclable collection services on the following recognized holidays:

New Year’s Day        Independence Day        Thanksgiving Day

        Memorial Day        Labor Day            Christmas Day

In the event that any of these holidays fall on a week-day, all refuse, yard waste, and recyclable collection services on that day and for the remainder of the collection week shall be delayed one day after the recognized holiday.  If collection is scheduled on a Friday, collection shall also be provided on Saturday, as a result of a holiday.  

Employee Conduct/Quality of Performance

The Contract shall undertake to perform all collection and disposal services rendered herein a clean, orderly and efficient manner and to use due care and diligence in the performance of the contract.  Neat, orderly and courteous employees and collections crews shall also be provided.


All vehicles shall display the name of the Contractor, a local phone number, and a vehicle identification number, which are clearly visible on both sides of the vehicle.

All vehicles shall be fully enclosed, leak proof, and operating in such a way that no refuse, recyclables, or yard waste can leak, spill or blow off a vehicle as the result of the vehicle operator’s failure to properly monitor the load or to close openings.  The Contractor shall be responsible for the immediate collection and clean-up of the litter. 

All vehicles used in the collection of recyclable materials shall be operated in such a way as to allow for the physical characteristics of the materials to be retained.  Compaction of materials shall be performed at a minimum.

The Township reserves the right to inspect the Contractor’s equipment solely for the purpose of determining compliance with the contract.

Change in Service

If the Township should wish to change the type of service provided for during the term of the contract including, but not limited to, the type of materials collected, method of collection, variety of recyclable materials collected, etc., the Township shall have the option to initiate the change in service by notifying the Contractor in writing at least 90 days prior to the date such service is to begin.  The Township and the Contractor shall agree to negotiate the terms, frequency, and the price of such change in service after proper notice has been served.

Future Development / Annexation

The Contractor shall service any residential dwellings constructed during said term.

No Strike Guarantee

The Contractors shall continue to provide all services in a timely and complete manner in the event of any labor stoppage or slow down.  The Contractor shall be obligated to take all reasonable and necessary steps to secure, at its sole expense, replacement employees and/or subcontractors to perform its obligations under this contract.

Additional Requirements/Disposal Facilities

The Contractor at all times shall maintain access to disposal facilities approved by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA), the necessary financial resources, the vehicles, equipment and supplies, personnel, permits and licenses required to perform the services, all in accordance with the specifications and provisions contained in this contract.

At any point of the contract, the Township may request the Contractor to provide a list of facilities it utilizes to dispose of the refuse, recycle and yard waste collection as part of the Township’s waste collection program.

SECTION 4 – Refuse Collection

 Refuse Collection Program

The collection of household garbage, bulk materials, white goods (i.e. appliances), and household construction and demolition debris shall be offered on a year round basis upon request based on a separate fee schedule.   

Refuse Containers

The Contractor is to provide, at its own expense, one 96-gal wheeled cart to each Unit in the Township for the purposes of garbage collection.  The carts will remain the property of the Contractor and the Contractor will be responsible for replacement carts that become worn or damaged through normal usage. A 35 gallon can be provided for qualifying Seniors who request it.


Additional refuse contained in cans or bags and is not to exceed 35 gallons in size or 50 pounds in weight per can or bag, or large items that cannot be containerized shall also be collected by Contractor.  Refuse which is not readily storable in refuse containers shall be collected by the Contract if it stacked neatly alongside of refuse containers on regular refuse collection days. 

Additional refuse or recycling containers can be offered to the residents at an additional subscription fee to be included in Exhibit A.

Collection Standards

The Contractor shall be required to provide a tagging system for any refuse container that does not get collected.  Each tag or label must provide a brief explanation as to why the material was not collected, including, but not limited to, overcapacity, container overweight, or unacceptable refuse.

Bulk Items/Materials 

The Contractor shall provide collection services for items which are too large to fit into an approved refuse container, but do not exceed, in total, 50 pounds in weight.  Examples shall include; discarded toys, crates, barrels, small tables, small chairs, etc. 

White Goods

The Contractor shall also provide collection services for one (1) white good item per week per Unit at an additional cost to be included in Exhibit A.  Examples shall include: refrigerators, dishwashers, water heaters, washers, dryers, etc. 

Construction Material

The Contractor will pick up small amounts of construction material that is in proper containers, not to exceed 35 gallons, weighing less than 50 pounds or bundled into 4-foot bundles not exceeding 50 pounds, and secured on both sides.  The debris from small remodeling projects cannot exceed the equivalent of 5 normal refuse containers.  

Household Hazardous Waste 

It is not intended that the Contractor be responsible under the contract to dispose of household hazardous waste.  The contract does not preclude the Contractor from providing that service to a Township resident separately. 

SECTION 5 – Recycling Collection

Recycling Collection Program 

The collection of household recycling shall be offered weekly on a year round basis.

Recycling Containers

The Contractor is to provide, at its own expense, a wheeled cart to each Unit in the Township for the purpose of recycling collection.  The carts will remain the property of the Contractor and the Contractor will be responsible for replacement of carts that become worn or damaged through normal usage.  Residents can request an additional recycling cart at an additional cost that is to be included in Exhibit A.

The Contractor shall allow recycling materials to be commingled (i.e. plastic, glass, metal and paper products mixed together).  The contractor shall provide preparation requirements for households participating in the recycling program including, rinsing, removing labels, flattening, removing caps and lids.

Minimum Recycling Materials to be collected

The Contractor shall collect the following materials at a minimum:

Non-paper items:

Cloudy white HDPE (#2) plastic milk and water jugs

Colored HDPE (#2) plastic blow molded containers

PETE (#1) plastic blow molded containers

LDPE and HDPE soft plastic 6 & 12 pack rings

Brown, Green, and clear glass containers

Aluminum formed containers/wrap

Steel/tin/bi-metal cans

Aerosol cans

Formed steel containers

Aluminum cans

Aseptic packaging and gable-top containers


Corrugated cardboard

Chipboard (Paperboard)

Newspaper (ONP)

Magazines and catalogs (glossy & non-glossy)

Telephone directories

Brown kraft paper bags

Frozen food packages

Mixed Paper

Wet strength carrier stock

The aforementioned materials shall be referred to as the basic recycling package.  The Contractor may accept additional recyclable material as part of their proposed minimum recycling package at no additional charge to the Township.

Non-Conforming Recycling Receptacles 

Residents will be allowed to supplement the single container with an additional cart provided by the Contractor or with a generic container if the receptacle provided by the Contractor is not large enough to accommodate a resident’s needs.  Recyclable material packed in such generic containers shall be collected by the Contractor with all other recyclable material.

Recyclable Material Disposition -  The Contractor shall, at least once a month, transport all recyclable material to a recyclable material processing facility which is actually engaged in the business of reusing or recycling such materials.  Any and all recyclable material processing facilities which may receive recyclable material collected through the service herein described, and the intended use of the processed material, shall be subject to approval by the Township.

SECTION 6 – Yard Waste Collection

Yard Waste Collection Program

Contractor shall offer an optional yard waste program to residents at an additional cost.  Such services shall be by advance arrangement with the Contractor at the request of the resident.   Cost of this optional program is to be included in Exhibit A, along with when yard waste services will be made available to residents, and requirements for proper disposal.

SECTION 7 – Special Collection Services

Resident Requested Special Collections

The Contractor shall offer a special curbside collection service for large quantities of refuse including, but not limited to, household construction and demolition debris, and move-in or move-out clean-up rubbish.  Such services shall be by advance arrangement with the Contractor at the request of the resident.

The Contractor shall also specify the minimum cubic yardage of refuse necessary for the collection to be considered a special collection.  Items, which are less, in total, than the minimum requirement, shall be considered bulk materials for collection and disposal purposes.  The Contractor shall advise the resident directly of the terms of such collection (i.e. what materials will be collected, how the materials should be prepared, the date of the collection and/or the policy on furnishing advance estimates of charges).

The Contractor shall also offer dumpster rental and pick-up service for residents with household remodeling and repair projects that generate large quantities of construction and demolition debris which cannot be easily picked up at the curbside.

The terms and pricing of special collections and dumpster rental service as requested by residents shall be arranged solely between the Contractor and the resident.  The resident shall make payment for any special collection directly to the Contractor, and collection of such fees shall be the sole responsibility of the Contractor.  Residents are not required to use the Contractor for special collections or dumpster rentals.

Township Requested Special Collection

The Contractor shall also at the request of the Township, collect quantities of refuse and debris waste left at the curb without preparation in unusual circumstances, i.e. evictions or “skip-outs” and shall bill the property owner for such costs. 

SECTION 8 – Public Awareness & Customer Service

Holiday Notification

The Contractor shall assist the Township with notifying the residents of their collection days and changes in service schedules due to holidays throughout the duration of the franchise contract.

Maintain Schedule of Pick-up

The Contractor shall continue to pick up garbage throughout the Township on the same day(s) of the week as proposed in Exhibit A of this RFP during the term of the franchise contract (the “Schedule”).  The Schedule shall not be changed without the consent of the Township nor without giving a minimum of thirty (30) days written notice to all affected residents by mail.  

Information Brochure & Public Outreach

The Contractor shall create, supply and maintain throughout the term of the franchise contract an information brochure to the Township for distribution to new residents and residents upon request.  The brochure should inform the residents of the aspects included in the residential refuse, recycling and yard waste collection service.  The Contractor and Township shall mutually agree upon the contents of the information brochure.

Upon request of the Township, the Contractor shall also make available personnel for the presentations at meetings or other similar gatherings to explain or reinforce the collection program throughout the term of the contract.

The Township retains the right to approve all materials to be delivered by the Contractor to Township residents including, but not limited to, door hangers, leaflets, fliers, etc. 

Reporting Requirements – 

Refuse:  A quarterly report on the status of the refuse collection program, including an account of the volume of refuse collected each quarter and the disposition of the same, and summaries of any problems encountered with program implementation.

Recycling: A quarterly report on the status of curbside recycling program, including the volume of recyclable materials collected and deposited at any all material processing facilities, and summaries of any problems encountered with program implementation.

Yard waste: A Quarterly reporting of the number of households subscribed in the yard waste program.

Missed Pick-Ups:  A weekly report or email of all missed pickups and the reason refuse, recycling and/or yard waste was not collected, the dates and times of such complaints, and the corrective action taken by the Contractor with respect to each complaint. 

Complaints: For any complaint forwarded by the Township to the Contractor, the Contractor shall provide a written report or email to the Township as to how the Contractor responded to the resident’s complaint and the outcome within 48 hours. 

A Senior Discount

It is encouraged that a Senior Discount be offered to those residents meeting the qualifications to be determined by the vendor. 

Vacation Holds- Residents shall have the ability to put their service and billing on a vacation hold when an expected absence from the residence exceeds no less than 6 weeks. 

Complaint Response 

The Contractor shall maintain an office equipped with sufficient telephones and personnel to provide prompt, courteous and efficient service at which Township customers can file complaints by telephone or in person, Monday through Friday (except holidays) from 9 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.  Every complaint shall be given prompt, courteous attention.  In the case of alleged missed collections, the Contractor shall investigate, and, if such allegation is verified shall make the collection within 24 hours after the complaint is received.

Contractor Contact

The Contractor shall provide a point of contact to the Township to handle any issues relative to the exclusive franchise contract as well as any complaints received by the Township regarding the refuse and recycling collection services provided by the Contractor.

SECTION 9 – General Provisions

Adherence to Schedule

The Contractor shall carefully adhere to the Schedule.  Time shall be of the essence of the contract.  Failure of the Contractor to adhere to the Schedule shall be a material breach of the contract and grounds for its immediate termination.

The Contractor shall not be excused for failure to comply with the Township approved Schedule by reason of any street or other construction work performed by the Township, County, State,  or its contractors, unless the Township is made aware of the circumstance and grants the Contractor an extension of time to complete their collection.  The Township reserves the right to construct any improvement or to permit any construction in any street, which may be the effect, for a time, of preventing the Contractor from traveling its accustomed route or routes for collection.  The Contractor shall continue to collect the refuse, recyclable material, and yard waste by a reasonably acceptable method to the same extent as though no interference existed upon the streets formerly traversed, without extra cost to the Township residents.

Penalties, Remedies and Default 

If the Contractor fails to perform any of its obligations under the contract to the reasonable satisfaction of the Township, the Township shall have one of more of the following remedies:

In the event of the Contractor's failure to collect, remove and properly dispose of the refuse and/or recyclable materials, in accordance with the time periods set forth herein for more than three consecutive days (excluding Sundays, Saturdays and holidays), the Township Supervisor may cause such refuse and other disposable materials to be collected and disposed of by means available to the Township, and any and all expense incurred by the Township for that purpose shall be charged to the Contractor and collected from the irrevocable letter of credit submitted pursuant to Section 9-F.   

If at any time during the course of the contract the Contractor shall collect waste from any zone of the Township on a day other than the scheduled day (except in case of the holidays were the Township has approved the alternate collection day) the Contractor shall notify the Township that the Contractor is in “Default” under the contract.  If a similar violation should occur once more within the three (3) week period following the week of the original Default it shall be considered a material breach of the contract and grounds for its immediate termination.


The Contractor shall procure and maintain for the duration of the contract, the following minimum insurance coverage.  

Worker’s Compensation and Occupational Disease Insurance – Statutory amounts for Illinois;

Vehicle Liability Insurance:

Bodily injury, with limits of not less than $3,000,000 each person and not less than $5,000,000 per occurrence.

Property damage, with limits of not less than $3,000,000 per occurrence.

General Liability Insurance:

Bodily injury, with limits of not less than $3,000,000 per person and not less than $5,000,000 per occurrence.

Property damage, with limits of not less than $3,000,000 for each incident and $5,000,000 per occurrence.

Contractual insurance – broad form, with limits of not less than $3,000,000 each occurrence and no more than $5,000,000 each occurrence

Umbrella or excess liability coverage of $5,000,000 per occurrence and in the aggregate.

The Contractor shall include the Township, its officers, employees, and agents named as additionally insured on any of the foregoing policies.  The Contractors shall also furnish to the Township a certificate of insurance attesting to the respective insurance coverage for the full term of the contract.

The Township shall receive written notice of cancellation or reduction in coverage on any insurance policy within 45 days prior to the effective date of cancellation or reduction.  


The Contractor shall indemnify, defend, save and hold harmless the Township its officers and employees, from any and all liability, losses, damages, expenses, and lawsuits, including workers compensation claims, attorney’s fee and costs of defense, that the Township may suffer, incur, or become liable for on account of:

The negligence of the Contractor, its employees, agents or assigns.

Any assertion of claim under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act or similar acts made by persons furnished by the Contractor or subcontractor.

Any action in law or equity brought by any person or entity under Federal or State law in an effort to set aside the contract.

Licenses and Taxes

The Contractor shall be responsible for obtaining all licenses and permits necessary for the successful performance of the contract.  The Contractor shall also pay all Federal, State, and local taxes, including sales tax, social security, workers compensation, unemployment insurance, and any other tax which may be chargeable against labor, material, equipment, or real estate.

Irrevocable Letter of Credit 

The Contractor shall furnish to the Township an irrevocable letter of credit in the amount of $100,000 from a reputable banking institution acceptable to the Township to guarantee the faithful performance of the contract.  The letter of credit shall be payable to the Township and prepared in a format approved by the Township Attorney.  It shall remain in effect for the full term of the contract, including any extension period.


If the Contractor fails to perform the work as specified herein, the Township may take such steps as are determined necessary to furnish services according to the collection requirements provided for in this RFP.  The Township shall provide the Contractor at least 24 hours written notice and shall draw on the Contractor’s letter of credit for all expenses incurred as a result of such action.

Independent Contractor

The Contractor acknowledges that it is an independent Contractor and that none of its employees, agents, or assigns are employees of the Township.  The Contract shall be solely responsible for all unemployment, social security, and other payroll tax payments required by law or union contract. 

Compliance with Applicable Laws

The Contractor shall comply with all applicable Federal, State, and Municipal laws, ordinances, rules, and regulations governing the collection, disposal, and processing of refuse, recyclables, and yard waste during the term of the contract.


The fees provided in this RFP shall include any and all charges, taxes and fees for the collection, transportation and disposal of all refuse waste collected and the transportation and processing and disposition of all recyclable materials.  The Contractor shall pay all sales, use, property, income and other taxes that are lawfully assessed against the Township or the contractor in connection with the Contractor’s facilities and for all licenses, permits, certificates of authorities, and inspections required for this work.

Equal Employment Opportunity

Contractor agrees to comply with Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (42 U.S.C. paragraph 2000a, et seq.) and the Illinois Human Rights Act (775 ILSC 5/1-101, et. Seq).


The Contractor shall not assign or subcontract any rights or interests under the contract or any part therefore to any other person, firm, or corporation without the prior written consent of the Township.

Right of Inspection

The Contractor shall, upon reasonable notice, make accessible for inspection by the Township, every landfill, incinerator, transfer station, recycling facility, and yard waste disposal site which receives waste from the Township as a result of the contract. 

Penalties and Fines

The Contractor shall be solely liable for all fines and penalties imposed by the Township or any other governmental agency resulting from the Contractor’s performance or its failure to perform its duties and obligations under the contract.


Official notifications shall be made in writing and address to the Township as follows:

Hampshire Township 

Township Clerk

170 Mill Ave.

Hampshire, IL 60140



COMPANY/CONTRACTOR NAME:    _______________________________________    









Refuse and Recycling Waste:

Pricing per Unit per month for Refuse Collection (Section 4) and Recycling Collection (Section 5)

Senior Discounted monthly rate:

Yard Waste collection fees or subscription costs and period covered:

Fees for Additional Carts and types included (Waste vs. recycling) :  

Number of Collection days:    

Collection Day: