​​​​​​​Monthly EVENTS

Note to Riders:  Going forward, we kindly request that we are given 72 hours advanced notice if you will be needing a ride to an event.  In the event, that you cancel your ride, please provide 48 hours.

Below are some of the favorite activities that take place each month, but our outings are not limited to this!  Please click on this month's calendar (above) for a full listing of events.

Attendees are welcome to take their own transportation to these events, or, call ahead for a ride.  Please call us at 224-828-0303 to sign-up for an event and for transportation.

ATTENTION:  When events have a limited seating or require an RSVP, we will open the events to non-residents 2 weeks prior to the RSVP deadline.  SO RSVP EARLY!!!  Fees listed include transportation and cost of admission unless otherwise noted.  If you choose to drive yourself to an event with transportation offered, a registration fee of $3 per individual and $5 per couple is required instead of the full transportation fee.

Zoom Yoga – Thursdays 9:00 AM.  We will have zoom set up in our multi-purpose room at the Township or you can do zoom from your home.  Email the Township Supervisor @ supervisor@hampshiretownship.org for the link to join.  Just download the zoom app and click the link provided to your and enjoy yoga at home.

On Site Yoga w/ Anastasia - Mondays 9:00 am.  Anastasia will offer her version of chair yoga.  It will help you improve your balance, strength, and stay flexible.

Walking Club – Taking a break for the Winter season.

    Bingo: Tuesdays 11 am - Join us at the Township every Tuesday to play Bingo.  Its the perfect time to meet new friends or connect with old friends and win some prizes. Games start at 11:07.

    Dice Game - Fridays 11 am.  Start saving your nickels, dimes, & quarters. The 1st and 3rd Friday will be Ship, Captain, Crew (SCC) for quarters.  The 2nd and 4th Friday will be Left Right Center (LRC) for nickels and dimes.  Everyone will have their owe dice for each game.  Game starts at 11:07.

    Cash Bingo:  Last Thursday of the month.  Bingo starts at 11.  We suggest you bring your lunch & get settled until we are ready to go.  $10 for 10 games.  3 bingo cards per game.  Bring Dauber or Marker and an attitude to have fun!

    Crafty Seniors: Join us on the 3rd Wednesday of the month.  No talent needed.  Just the desire to have fun and try something new.  You will leave with a completed project. 

    ATTENTION: Fees listed include transportation and cost of admission unless otherwise noted.  If you choose to drive yourself to an event with transportation offered, a registration fee of $3 per individual or $5 per couple is required instead of the full transportation fee.


    December 1st - Culver's in Huntley: We have some requests for Butter Burgers! So a trip to Culver's is in order. PO P/up 10:30  ERT 1pm Fee $0 RSVP 11/23 Pay your own tab.

    December 2nd - Walmart: If you need to get some shopping down at Walmart, let us drive you and we will worry about the parking.  All you have to do is bring your list and do the shopping.  The bus will pick you up, drop you off at the door and when you're done we will drive you home.  Cant beat that service! P/up starts at 8:30am.  Fee $0  RSVP 11/30.

    December 7th - Christmas Ornament Exchange and Pot Luck Luncheon:  Come and enjoy our annual year end Christmas celebration with friends new and old.  Bring a dish to pass and a $10 Ornament for the exchange.  Ornament exchange is optional.  11:30 - 2pm  Fee $0  RSVP 11/30.

    December 8th - Goebberts Christmas Light Show and Pizza Dinner:  All time favorite light show at Goebberts, then we will finish the night off with going out for pizza.  PO P/up 5pm  ERT 7pm  Fee $10  RSVP 11/22.

    December 12th - Paper Crafting with Pam: Join Pam D. as she instructs you to create 2 beautiful paper card projects.  Pam will crat an appropriate themed card for the season.  Class size 6-12 .  12- 2pm RSVP 12/5  Fee$5 pay Pam at class.

    December 19th - Bingo in Marengo:  We are going to play Bingo at Marengo Park District.  Game time is 1 - 3pm.  PO p/u 12:15 ERT 3:30 RSVP by 12/13 Fee $5

    $3 collected at door. 

    December 21st - Wendy's: Enjoy lunch at Wendy's at catch up with friends.  PO P/up 10:30 ERT 1pm.  Fee $0 RSVP by 12/14 Pay your own tab.

    December 28th - Jameson's Charhouse, Huntley: Jameson's Charhouse is an American chophouse presenting grilled meats, burgers, & salads in a warm location at Del Webb in Huntley.  You're sure to find something on their menu to enjoy.  PO P/up 12pm  ERT 2:30p  Fee $5  RSVP 12/21 Pay your own tab.

    Seniors On The Go


    For more information contact Jody at 847-683-9464. Trips are limited to 14 people. Non-residents will pay an additional $20 per person per trip.

    Seniors on the Go is a group of Seniors (age 60 or older) or disabled persons that live in Hampshire Township or the surrounding communities.  There is no cost to be a member (certain events may have a fee)!  The group meets throughout the month to join in fun, socialization and fellowship, and we always welcome new faces!  Please see the calendar of events and join us soon.  Transportation is available for Hampshire residents if you call ahead.  Please contact us at 224-828-0303 to arrange transportation or sign up for an event.  We look forward to meeting you!

    Calendars of Events

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