General Assistance

General Assistance is a welfare program which provides monthly financial assistance to persons who are eligible for any other State or Federal assistance programs, and who do not have adequate income or resources to provide for their own basic needs. Hampshire Township works with Elgin Township to determine eligibility, but applications are available at the Hampshire Township and can be picked up by contacting Jody Remakel at 847-683-9464.

Eligibility Guidelines:

- Must be a Township resident

- 18 years or older and out of high school

- Without minor children

- US resident or legal alien

- No potential means of income

- Have applied and been found ineligible for other State or Federal benefits

- Must be able to work, job search and do work fare


- Pending Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security Income

General Assistance is not a quick process.  Upon a submital of a completed application the Township has 30 days for review before a determination can be given.